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Friday, July 6, 2012

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Locks of Love

He almost made it 2 years without a hair cut but it finally happened. He was watching some cartoons and he had no idea mom was cutting away at those beautiful golden locks of baby love on his head.


 At first mom was scared and sad that those curls were gone forever but after his nap those curls were back where they belonged.  He looks just as cute now but with a much more manageable mane.
Our gardener likes to water the plants naked

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Home Sweet Home

Have you heard the news? We bought our first house! We all love the new house. I love that we are putting our monthly payments toward something real, Brian loves working on the house and lawn, and Wesley loves getting into everything and exploring his new world. We moved in a couple of weeks ago and have been busy unpacking, painting, and doing all kinds of things that go along with a new house. Our next project will be painting the exterior of the house (it really needs it in case you can't tell from the pictures).

Thanks to EVERYONE that helped with the move and painting. We love you and appreciate it!

Sunday, November 27, 2011


Halloween 2011

Halloween was fun this year. It was Wesley's first real Halloween. He really liked walking around to trick or treat and loved getting candy from people but didn't grasp what we were doing. He didn't eat any candy though. I doubt he would have liked it even if we gave it to him. We never give him sugar. He just thought it was fun. He got a glow stick from one lady and thought it was amazing.

Party on!!

Our Sweet Pea. I got this costume last year after Halloween for 2 bucks!!

Back to Bloggin' and 16 Months

I have been very bad at blogging. In part because I have been really busy. Mostly because our old laptop that we keep all our pictures on would no longer connect to the Internet. We just bought ourselves a new fancy laptop for Christmas so now (hopefully) we will be updating more often.

Wesley is now almost 16 months old. Can you believe it? I can't. He is such a big boy now and we love love love him to pieces. He is a happy and friendly boy. He is small for his age, in the 2nd percentile for weight but he makes up for it in personality. His favorite things to do now are dancing and reading and he does both all the time. He is also obsessed with water. He can make lots of animal noises and point just about any animal out to you. He says shoes, dad, mom, dog, all done, uh oh, lion, whoa, no no no, drink, one two three, up, treat (dog treat), and grandpa. He has said other words but not consistently. He will tell you where his belly, head, hair, feet, hands, eyes, mouth, nose, and teeth are. He doesn't get ears yet but we are working on it.  He is a major climber and thinks it's really great to climb where ever you don't want him to go. He is learning more every day and we love him more everyday.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Wesley Boy

Katie took some super cute pictures of Wes when we were in UT! Here they are:

Tuesday, December 7, 2010


      So I have to go back to work next week. We were hoping that I wouldn't need to return to work at all. Then we hoped that I would be able to wait until after the new year. I guess that is not going to happen. I have to be at work on Monday or else we will have no health insurance. After I got off the phone this morming with my boss, I just cuddled Wesley and cried silently for a while (I'm cryng right now btw). Later Brian came in and asked me if I was crying. Of course, I said "No" and immediately started crying more. Needless to say he didn't believe me.
      I just get emotional at the thought of having to leave Wes and be away. I know he will be in good hands with his grandma Susan but it's still hard. My job really is a blessing. It pays great, I can work part time, I have benifits, and they are really flexible with my schedule. It's just hard to see the many blessings when I have to be away from Wesley and when I thought this would all be worked out by now. I know Heavenly Father has a game plan for us but it's hard cuz he just hasn't shown it to us yet. I love being a mom and love Wes so much!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Brian and Wesley love to have fun together. Brian is always doing silly things with Wes and they both think it is hilarious.
 Nerd baby. Just like dad.

 Wes attacking my head. home
 Wesley loves his bearfriend (the one in the blue) and sucks on his face.
 Brian called me into the room to show me this. He called it Ninja baby

 They both thought that pants on the head was great.
I love both of my sweet, silly boys.